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An outstanding wine made from the best quality grapes from noble varieties and using the most delicate winemaking process. This great wine meets the quality standards of the great vintages,fat , length, fruit, elegance and persistence. It is a wine that can mature for an other 10 to 15 years. 

Grand Vin Les verdots, Bergerac Sec, 2012

  • 52% sauvignon blanc, 33% sauvignon gris, 8% muscadelle, 7% Sémillon. Soil: Le Grand Vin Les verdots Sec is from a sandy clay loam soil of Fronsac very permeable to facilitate the descent of the root system , and a ground - calcareous clay on limestone wave type giving minerality and freshness to the wine. Vinification: Meticulously hand picking during the harvest , the grapes are harvested at the optimum balance between sugar and acidity. Each variety is isolated and knows a maceration . Dripped juices are separated from pressed juices and musts are made to settled for 72hours before fermentation to obtain very clear juice (essential step for aging on lees). The best juice fermentation takes place in oak barrels (made mostly in Burgundy barrels made from trees averaging 120 years old)

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