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100% Pinot Noir


When it comes to winemaking heritage, Marc-Olivier Buffet has centuries of it! His family first began growing grapes in 1692, making their domaine, tucked behind the village church, one of the oldest in Burgundy’s Côte de Beaune. Volnay is the star appellation of this area (they also make Pommard and Savigny Lès Beaune), fabled for its sensationally silky, supple Pinot Noirs. In 2021, Marc-Olivier made the most of the excellent quality to produce a superb Burgundy with elegant, fragrant fruit. Berry and subtle rose petal aromas preface complex, ripe, red berries with silky tannins, a complex, earthy leafy layer and subtle spice from the 18 months in oak. A handsome partner for roast duck, a wild mushroom croustade or venison with ceps.


Tasting notes: Ripe berries, leafy undergrowth, mineral grip with silky tannins


Aroma; Raspberry, blackberry, rose petals, earthy notes, subtle spice





Volnay, Francois Buffet, 2021

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  • 100% Pinot Noir


    A long popular appellation, Pommard is yet another exclusive red wine area which produces by far the most structured reds of the Côte de Beaune. It extracts rich body and long ageing potential from the limestone/iron-rich clay soil. Some examples can be markedly rustic, yet as time has passed and winemaking know-how has improved, Pommard's wines are becoming softer and more approachable when young. Its vines cover 317 hectares of which over a third are premier cru vineyards. Several have pronounced following and even one, Les Rugiens, is being pushed to become a grand cru.

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