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"Poncins is a lieu dit, located close to Chateau Grillet. The cuvée was first labelled as ""Coteaux de Poncins"", then ""Poncins"" and since 1999, ""Deponcins"" The Deponcins was made using a small proportion of botrytised berries, which shows in the wines’ extra weight and complexity compared to François’ other Condrieus. This is both opulent and balanced; impressive flavours of fruit skin, salt apricot and nectarine with hints of dried violet, mandarin and nut. Aged in a little more new oak than François Villard’s other Condrieus (40%), this is often the most intense and complex of his whites."

De Poncins, Francois Villard, Condrieu, 2012

  • 100% Viognier